Click image for larger version  Name:	logo_100x100.png Views:	1 Size:	8.6 KB ID:	995StockSharp (S#) - a set of free software libraries and programs that include all of the components needed to automate trading.

It allows professional program development for both manual (trading algorithms) trading and the exchange analysis and the trading systems testing.

It has connections to CQG and Rithmic here at AMP Futures.

Most S# programs are free of charge, and some programs with advanced features are on a paying basis (see StockSharp Licensing.).

S# can be installed from the web service GitHub or from Visual Studio using NuGet. For instructions on how to do it, please see Install StockSharp.

S# Programms
  • S#.API - library for the trading algorithms professional development in C#.
  • S#.Data - program for the historical and real-time market data automatic download.
  • S#.Designer - graphical environment for creating trading algorithms and automated trading.
  • S#.MatLab - MatLab integration with trading systems. MatLab scripts trading.
  • S#.Shell - host application for trading strategies.
If you have any else questions we would like to answer on that thread.