MultiCharts .NET attributes that affect a strategy’s order behaviour include IOGMode for submitting orders intra-bar and ExitFromOneEntryOnce for reusing an exit order numerous times. But these attributes still require real-time ticks to occur before orders can be submitted. How can we submit orders whenever we want? Sending orders for any script calculation with AllowSendOrdersAlways

A C# attribute is a way to add metadata to code elements like classes (Dorman, 2010) and doing so influences how these operate (e.g., see Stephens, 2014). Such attributes are used in MultiCharts .NET to set script options programmatically.

One of these attributes is AllowSendOrdersAlways (see PowerLanguage .NET Help, n.d.). When this attribute is set to true, autotrading orders can always be generated – even when a symbol’s bar status is -1 or the equivalent EBarState.None enum value (see Henry MultiCharts, 2014; MultiCharts Wiki, 2014a; PowerLanguage .NET Help, n.d.).

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