What 30-Day of Trade Monitoring Uncovered – The Results Are In!
I’m passing these results on from the first Trade Accelerator Series (TAS) because it confirms what I've known all along. Managing trading emotions is 85% of the game. The results of 30 days combined with webinars, private one-on-ones and proprietary tracking, resulted in significant improvements. My goal was to create a process that filled in the gaps of large classes, unclear methodologies, nonexistent understanding of emotional management. Too offer building market foundation skills, intuition, remove blocks and reversing the specific errors each trader had. Space was limited to (7) allowing the personalization and attention required for each attendee. The results were outstanding, better than expected. It also confirmed what I have known and seen in 26 years of coaching, that emotional mastery is 85% of true successful trading.

If you do nothing else, suggest you READ “What was Confirm” to assess your own trading situation.

TAS Stats: AT START: (7) traders Ages 48-82, w/over 78 years trading experience, future trades of 3- 20 per day, with the average losses 57%- 80%. Losses of 2k - 65k in trading career. Major issues; no confidence, certainty, consistency, discipline, or rules
AFTER 30 DAYS; 100% removal of emotional blocks, emotional MGMT went from 30% - 90%, increased results across the entire group of 57% in all areas of the trade – Entry, Management, Exits, more importantly the profitability also increased across the seven 30% – 50%.
What was confirmed?
  • 90% of the errors made in trades stemmed from a deep-seated emotional block that was built over time, that when removed strategies resulted in profits
  • Seven out of seven experienced a weight lifted off their shoulders and a reduction of stress when blocks were removed
  • The emotional blocks uncovered were all fear-based and stemmed from reoccurring errors, losses and mismanagement of trades
  • The decision process, when peeled apart, disclosed that the emotional block was the common denominator that filtered the trading decision and created the errors
  • 100% of the time these errors were triggered by the subconscious memory bank and were automatic and uncontrollable
  • Traders knew they were executing incorrectly from their strategy but found it challenging to stop
  • A tracking system that pinpoints the trading error makes all the difference in modifying a strategy efficiently
  • Learning to read the market based on foundation skills allowed traders to modify their approach as the market changed
  • Traders were more realistic in their evaluations, faced them head on, and made changes, when emotions were eliminated
  • New disciplines allowed the trader to monitor, modify and produce results that built confidence, certainty and consistency
  • Unwanted, uncontrollable and repeated reactions originate from strong emotional blocks ie. Entering too soon or moving stops to be right
See results in 30 days! Enrollment for the next TAS group is open, if you’d like more information email or call 702-616-3744 [email protected] And in the meantime Great Trading! – Robin Dayne
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