The Pro Trader “Must Do” Check List

1.Excel in Emotional Mastery – Number 1 “MUST do”
2.All trading takes dedicated hard work – Daily
3.Trading from a detailed PLAN – “Plan your trades and trade your plan”
4. Define a clear set of trading rules that protect your cash and keep you in the game
5. Have adequate funding till trading is consistent – Only risk capital you can afford to lose
6. Build, define and rework your set-up criteria, to perfection – For entries. management, exits
7. Must re-define your meaning of losing in the trading world – it’s part of the game
8. Never let winning trades turn to bigger losers (keep all losses small)
9. Be disciplined with your all-round trading, as much as physically possible
10. Know when you need help…. and have courage plus the smarts to ask for it.
How many do you have in your trading? What needs work and focus?

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