Part 2 - Comments from a Market Wizard and Coach
Several years back I spent a few weeks with one of the “Market Wizards” and thought you would find my notes and his interesting and helpful. Even if you’ve heard some before, review is always smart.
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Setting up your “Trading Rituals”

It’s important to define your rituals and practice them daily OR them don’t get installed as a ritual. Here are some suggestions, and feel free to add those that work for YOU.
  • Determine the key levels that make sense for your market and style
  • Know the larger timeframe context and work down to the smaller timeframe – Get the feel for the direction and overall picture
  • Levels – Know the highs and lows of – (3) previous days, the overnight, and other key levels (ie: VWAP, pivots)– write them down if you don’t want to clutter your screen, but KNOW them
  • How much was the proceeding day UP or Down?
  • How much was the High volume and Low volume for the previous day – Keep track and compare, notice any patterns
  • Look to “lock-in” 6 – 10 ticks
  • Don’t let a winning trade turn to a losing one, no matter how small
Mental Aspects
  • Don’t get stuck in one mind set or direction, always be “in the moments” action, what’s really happening
  • When you take a “hit” it’s important to have a positive NEXT trade- if you need to stay safe reduce size or use SIM – must rebuild confidence
  • Don’t set unrealistic expectations for the length of a move
  • Don’t move a stop, just to prove you’re “right”
  • Markets tend to have residuals from the previous day’s trading
  • Rarely will a market change its personality unless there is unforeseen news, worse than expected or better than expected
  • A good set-up has the potential of 75% probability
  • ALWAYS have your Buy and Sell in at the same time
  • Notice the length of candles – how many ticks in each
Economic Catalyst
  • Check to see if there are scheduled announcements of important #’s – PPT, CPI, Fed, Beige book – Know what is coming and what is expected
  • Notice the current impact of positive or negative “virus” news on impacted companies, countries, and price movements
Great Quotes:
“The first thing every morning before you arise, say out loud “I believe,” three times. - Ovid
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Quote from a TAS Master: Robin, I’m. So glad you said what you did about finding trades. My setups were definitely present; because of the way it unfolded, I either didn’t recognize it at the moment or I didn't trust it. I have been missing the bigger trades, but they are all hitting the targets. The levels I have on my charts are so accurate, as are almost always the 15m projections. But I think you're right - I may be looking at too much in the moment. Thanks - Maureen.